Brasil has worn a yellow home shirt since 1954. But it hasn’t always been the same shade of yellow. This year, the squad will sport a more vibrant Samba Gold than they have in 20 years.

To determine the exact shade, designers took a colour swatch book to the Football Museum in São Paulo and matched the yellow with the one used in Mexico in 1970, when games were first broadcast in colour.

That energy represents a uniquely bold culture and fuels a particularly potent style of play, both unique to the country.


Nods to this vibrant culture are noted throughout the collection. The globe from the national flag surrounded by radiating lines appears at the inside neck of both the home and away kits. The phrase ‘você é a seleção’ (which translates to “your selection”) runs around the design.

The 2018 Brasil National Team collection, which also includes training apparel, pre-match gear and an Anthem Jacket will be available on