Seoul Fashion Week just wrapped up its Fall/Winter 2018 run and the fashionable attendees made sure that South Korea’s capital saw the season out in style. Part 2 of our street style snaps shows the city’s diverse and fashion-forward sense of style is as iconic as ever and there’s no doubt Seoul‘s trendsetters led the way for looks we’ll all be trying to replicate throughout the year.

Key styles included black vinyl jackets, oversized silhouettes and striped shirts, which we saw in various iterations across the streets. Cut-out shapes were common – seen on both shirts and denim jeans and often held together with shiny, silver-t0ne hoops. Layers provided oversized silhouettes and Burberry-style checks also proved popular. Nike‘s popular Air Max 270 silhouette was also spotted, alongside pieces from the ACG collection and logo straps by Dior and Off-White™.