Samuel Ross, the founder of A-COLD-WALL*, views the Nike Air Force 1 as a benchmark shoe for London, saying the silhouette is among a tight selection that defines the early 2000s aesthetic. “Growing up with the culture, it wasn’t something I was very conscious of but it was a feature of it: You always had the Nike tracksuit with the Air Force 1,” says Ross.

At root, A-COLD-WALL* serves to comment on things that typically lurk in the unconsciousness of British street culture. The London-born designer, who established the brand in 2015, has used his label as a starting off point for a social commentary on contemporary urban life that spans art installation, concrete objects and cutting-edge streetwear. It is both a testament to his deft balancing of academic erudition and knowledge of the nuanced signifiers of subculture.

The Nike Air Force 1 sits naturally within not just Ross’ intellectual underpinnings but also in his mix of output. At once an object of industrial design and a cultural product, it’s as much a part of Ross’ understanding of urban life as the Bauhaus-inspired council estates that form the origins of his aesthetic. It is a perfect foil for his creative objectives.

The Nike AF1 A-COLD-WALL* is available October 21 exclusively at the A-COLD-WALL* pop-up in London. The pop-up address will be announced via A-COLD-WALL*’s Instagram later this week.

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Image Credits

Creative Director: Samuel Ross
Photographer: Hamish Stephenson
Stylists: Yi Ng, Andrew Harper
Models: Kenny Akin, Mia Kitora Howe