For the first MODERNHYPE Editotial we present the iconic ASICS GEL-LYTE III and ASICS GEL-LYTE V models in a premium denim overhaul for 2016 with the Okayama Denim Pack.

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In AW16, ASICS Tiger™ will release the latest additions to the GEL-LYTE III™ and GEL-LYTE V™ family with the next chapter of the Okayama Denim Pack story.

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With Japan famous for the manufacture of denim, ASICS Tiger™ continues Okayama Denim story into AW16, with another version of the GEL-LYTE III™ and GEL-LYTE V™. Okayama Denim is produced at the Nihon Mepmu Mill in Kojima, close to Kobe, the home of brand. The place where both GEL-LYTE III™ and GEL-LYTE V™ were developed. Stepping away from the more traditional Indigo dye, the GEL-LYTE III™ and GEL-LYTE V™ have been swathed in black denim, with the premium leather Tiger Stripes™. For GEL-LYTE III™ designers added contrasting color sole unit equipped with the GEL technology and the additional piping behind the famed Tiger Stripes™. However for the GEL-LYTE V™ monotone styling continues on to the GEL™ technology infused midsole, outsole and the branding. Only having the Selvedge detailing on the Tiger Stripes™ and flash of red at the heel of the outsole also seen on the GEL-LYTE III™.

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The GEL-LYTE III design, created by Shigeyuki Mitsui in 1990, broke the mold of conventional shoe design. At a time when high performance shoes lacked style, Mitsui-san wanted to create “the ultimate performance running shoe with the highest level of technology and function,” but one that was “visually pleasing unlike existing shoes at the time.”

And so the GEL LYTE III was born. The unorthodox, yet functional split tongue, which allows for better fit, and a low to high density midsole, that offers a better distribution of pressure and weight for its wearer were some of the features that made the GEL-LYTE III design unique, allowing it to move beyond the track and onto the streets.

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The Asics Tiger Gel-Lyte Okayama Denim Pack drops 26th August at all good sneaker stores, including Lost Property Store & Shelflife Store.